100 lbs Gained…and Lost!

When I was pregnant with my first child, I was at my heaviest weight of 250lbs. I gained 100lbs to be exact from that pregnancy, and at around 5 months I discovered that I had gestational diabetes, which was a major contributor to my rapid weight gain. At 5 months I had already put on a Whopping 40lbs, and was told that my baby was going to be large. Oh super!…As if I wasn’t facing enough problems already!

 My pregnancy progressed, and my beautiful bundle of joy was born 2 weeks early via c-section, and weighed 9lbs 12 ouncesYep…you heard that right…9lbs 12 ounces. Thank God for c-sections, because I don’t think I could have or even wanted to push her out. Yikes!

 After having my baby, I lost 50lbs over the next 6 months, but the remaining weight sat on me for an entire year after that, before I decided to do something about it. It was about time, and nursing could only do so much. I mean, I seriously believed that nursing was going get rid of my pregnancy weight lol. I don’t know…maybe it did a little, but it wasn’t getting rid of the last 50lbs.  So I rejoined my local gym for the second time when my daughter was 16 months old, and decided to give it my all.

 I attended the gym for 2 hours daily, sometimes twice a day, which is equivalent to a total of 4 hours. I did what I was familiar with, aerobic classes, strength training classes, cycling, and so forth. I even made sure to hit the treadmill for 45 minutes to 1 hour everyday. Walk 10, run 5, and on lazy days, I just walk on an incline…the steepest incline on the treadmill. Boy did it hurt!  But I got used to it soon enough. With this said however, I found it more difficult get into a routine this particular time around than I did the first time. Nevertheless, I was able push myself and became motivated by the “skinnies around me lol, in hopes that I too might one day get to where they were…Fab and Fit!

 Hard works does pays off! The day finally arrived where I lost all of my pregnancy weight and then some. I was finally at 155lbs, and before my pregnancy I weighed 160. Yahoo! I did it, I lost all my pregnancy weight! I couldn’t believe that I did it. But I wasn’t done yet, because I still wanted to lose another 25lbs, which would bring me down to 130lbs. This is the new goal I had set for myself. But it wasn’t happening. I had hit a brick wall that I just couldn’t get over. I was still working out everyday, but the scale wasn’t budging. I wasn’t losing any weight, and I think I knew why. Once again, I didn’t change my eating habits. I was still eating what ever I wanted, and definitely more than I should be eating in one serving.

 Weeks went by, and I kept doing my same routine, and nothing happened. I was still 5″5, my hair was still black, and I still weighed 155lbs lol. I was still happy though with my accomplishments thus far, losing 100lbs and all, but I knew my problem with weight gain was far from over. I wanted to have more children, and sooner than later, before I knew it, I was pregnant with #2. Here I go again.

I am currently in the processs of finding some pics for my posts, so you can all see and undestand where I am coming from.

Thanks for reading guys!


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