My Introduction to Weight Watchers!

Week #1 weigh in (4lbs down..Wahoo!)

 So as I mentioned in my last post, I had a new-found drive that made want to get my butt in gear more than ever. So I decided to join Weight Watchers, and guess what?…it’s working.
Wow((wow))wow!  After completing my first week of weight watchers, I am very pleased to report that I lost about 4 lbs. Can you believe it? 4lbs!..really? It’s hard to fathom.
For months and months I have been busting my butt off and struggling to see a change on the scale, but nothing happened, my scale didn’t budge. But it took just 1 week with Weight Watchers to get things moving. It’s also amazing to see the new changes in my body already, after loosing just 4lbs. I am at a lost for words. My love handles have already disappeared.
This is so freaking exciting, and I am so freaking pumped to continue on my journey.  Next weigh will be exciting. The key is to stay on track, eat right, and not lose focus on the PRIZE!!!!!
Thanks for reading!

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