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Here We Go Again

Here We Go again…

Baby #2 was on its way, and there was no knowing how much I was going to gain this time, so I just went with the flow. Well as it turns out, I wound up gaining a total of 85 lbs.
 Ok, so 15lbs lighter than last time…not bad…not bad….ya right! I’ve just about had it up to my ears with this dumb “let’s see if we can gain the weight of a baby whale” game. I mean,  honestly 85lbs…? You’ve got to be kidding me.
So of course I dealt with the same issues with pregnancy #2. Gestational diabetes was inevitable, and was not even an option. Not to mention it aided in my weight gain.
So the birth of baby #2 came and passed, and just like before, I couldn’t get rid of the last 50 lbs. So once again I hauled butt to the gym everyday for 2 hours, and did the whole sha-bang all over again until I was back at my pre-pregnancy weight 6 months later. This time I wasn’t too concerned with losing beyond this  weight, because my husband and I had discussed having a third child down the road.
Time flew by and before I knew it, I was pregnant with baby #3. This was almost like a celebration for me, because I knew once this pregnancy was over, I could focus on losing all the weight I wanted without fearing gaining it all back through pregnancies. So once again, I gained a whopping 75lbs, just as expected, and was only stuck with 40 of it this time around. After baby #3, I felt completely unmotivated, and did not want to go to the gym. Not just because I had no desire to, but also because I now had three little ones tagging along. The thought of this was extremely overwhelming. I was horrified of the thought of having to get them all ready just to go to the gym, so I purchased a treadmill, and began working out at home.
It’s been two and a half years later, and I am pleased to report that I have lost the last 40 lbs, and It took 18 months after giving birth to do it. Wow!… would have been a lot faster if I had just gone on a diet!
Anyways..I am happy to have lost all my pregnancy weight, but disappointed to say that much haven’t change with my weight in the past 6 months. Now that my pregnancies were in the background, I could now focus on losing all the weight that I wanted to lose before I became pregnant. With this said, I still had 30 lbs to lose.
I had been working out frequently at home, but it wasn’t enough, nothing was changing! I didn’t look any different, my clothes weren’t fitting any better, and the numbers on the scale definitely weren’t getting any smaller. I knew there was a problem, and it had to do with my eating. In fact it has always been a big problem of mine. I just wasn’t ready to admit it, and definitely wasn’t ready to change my eating habits, or give up my favourite foods either. But 3 weeks later, something happened, It was like someone flicked on a light switch in my head.
I felt incredibly motivated to make a change, and do something I have never done before. I needed to finally tackle my eating, and develop more self-control around food. So I decided to join Weight Watchers. After lugging around excess weight for many years,  I had no excuse. I owed it to myself and my kids to get fit, and the desire to do it was burning more than ever before.
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My First Attempt To Shed The Unwanted Pounds

Hi everyone,

My name is Chiquita, and welcome to my weight loss blog. This weight loss journey of mine has been a long one. It goes as far back as my high-school years, when I was once wearing a size 13. I don’t exactly know how much I weighed back then because I never weighed myself, but all I can remember is that I didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin, and my clothes didn’t fit the way I wanted them to. I later decided that I was going to do something about it, and join my local gym, where I took aerobic classes, did a ton of cardio, and weightlifting. Within a few weeks I saw a big difference within my body and I had lost quite a bit of weight. I probably would have seen even bigger changes if I had changed my eating habits, but unfortunately, this was something that I still struggled with, and never changed or incorporated in my weight loss routine.

 Though I struggled with my eating habits, I still remained pretty committed to working out, until I met my boyfriend, who is now my husband. I was **IN LOVE**! I began to spend all my free time with my new love bug and didn’t find any time for myself,  and going to the gym became a daunting chore. His complimenting me all the time also made me feel somewhat comfortable, and content with where I was at, though I hadn’t reached my weight loss goal yet. I hadn’t exactly picked a goal weight at the time, but  I knew I wasn’t  quite where I wanted to be. A this point I was living life to the point where I ditched my goal and neglected a problem that would later come back to haunt me.

I was in love and enjoying life. Going out to the movies, hanging out with my babe, partying with friends, and eating and drinking all the wrong foods, and too much of it! I must have ate pizza about 5 nights a week, and some other kind of fast food on the other remaining nights. Not to mention lunch throughout the week. I don’t remember eating at home much, but that’s because I didn’t. Anyways, this cycle continued for a while, until i noticed something. I had put back on all the weight that I had lost, which made me realize just how crucial my new lifestyle has been. It simply just undid all of my hard work, and placed me back at the starting line all over again. I was starting to feel uncomfortable with myself and didn’t enjoy it much, and to make matters worse, I discovered I was “pregnant” in the midst of it all……..Yeah!..this calls for a moment of silence…and a very long one at that…

Thanks for reading, and please stay tuned to hear the rest of my story!